The First Trad-Jumpsuit By Vanskere

As a Designer, the burden is always on you to take risks and do something unexpected. But while on it, try to have fun and stay true to your brand identity

He who follow the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd shoe


@ebuka in the very first trad-jumpsuit by @vanskere at the @bigbronaija live show.

About The Brand

Signore Fusion was a diffusion brand of Vanskere, before it became a brand on it’s own. It’s a fashion label with a rare blend of the creative and colorful palette of Africa stirred with the Italian basics of style .

Although Signore is a title of respect equivalent to sir, this brand focuses on inclusivity, thereby blurring the lines of gender walls.

With a distinct approach to lifestyle choices , the Signore Fusion brand exudes a rare expression of fascinating freedom , reinforced with a balance characterized by understated luxury and modernism, as well as glamour and sensuality.
A brand timely curated for the present from circumstances of current pop culture with a taste-level peculiar to now,
all products are based on a concept that adapts situations and seasons.

Manufactured in Nigeria with core values of the brand to be home grown, The Signore Fusion establishes the present in a sophisticated manner of nobility , freedom and simplicity. All of which are reflected in the brand colors .

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